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That Matice Life

Matice.Life: Redefining Branding in appreciation for the Independent Thinkers.

Matice is a unique fashion, film & music brand that stands as a beacon of individuality and free thought in today’s polarized world. Fueled by a passion for diversity and a rejection of conventional norms, dedicated to representing those who don’t adhere to traditional left or right-wing politics and seek to forge their own path.

Unlike the mainstream fashion & media industries, the Matice life embraces those with little social media presence, recognizing that true impact lies beyond the realm of likes and shares. The brand values authenticity over popularity and celebrates individuals who dare to be themselves, offline and online.

In a world saturated with targeted digital noise, Matice stands out by valuing the power of genuine connections over virtual popularity. The brand seeks to embrace individuals who prioritize real-life interactions and believe that making a difference goes far beyond trending hashtags.

At the core of the Matice ethos is a commitment to avoiding support for mega corporations. In an era dominated by conglomerates, Matice proudly takes a stand for small businesses, local communities, and sustainable practices. With each purchase, You - the clandestine clique, are not just buying a garment; you are supporting a movement that champions ethical consumerism and responsible sourcing.

Matice is about culture from life, real-individual experienced free thinking life. The brand thrives on a shared love for underground music and non manipulative film, recognizing these forms of expression as authentic avenues for storytelling and personal connection. By wearing a Matice t-shirt, individuals not only express their unique style but also align themselves with a community that appreciates the artistic endeavors that often go unnoticed, polluted and usually socially buried by political & no name funded big industrial complexes.

“I know that every individual has a story to be tell and a voice to be felt typically by their artistic expressive passion. Could be music, film, dance, skating, bmx, graff, canvas, auto mods and so on” says Winston Breaks, Founder of Matice.Life. “Matice serves as a unmolested platform for self-expression, promoting unity and acceptance among those who seek to break free from the constraints of corporate sponsored mainstream ideologies and embrace their true selves. Its like not being able to peacefully talk about different views is allowed by the powers that beast.. & we ain't down with that." "This is a platform for your artistic conduit, free from our socially engineered domestication"..."not to mention.. when you see someone with the logo, its like - hey! One of us"

The Matice Life invites all independent thinkers, lovers of underground culture, and supporters of ethical consumerism to join the movement. Explore the collection and be a part of a brand that empowers individuals to shape their own narrative. 

Let’s Work Together

Design, Film & Music collabs are so welcome with the resonant. 

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